We eat chips at times and like an ice cream.
We are not food activists nor diet evangelists.
Yet we believe that too little is undertaken for us to understand whether the food we buy does us good…or not.
Even less is done to help us make consistently better food choices.

The consequences on our health are dire. This is not just our subjective views, as these facts speak for themselves:
  • Nearly two in three adults in the UK are overweight or obese;
  • Childhood obesity in the UK has increased by over 60% in the last 10 years;
  • Poor diet is now responsible for more deaths in the world than any other risk factor;
We do not believe that food consumers' weakness or carelessness is the cause of this appalling reality.

Smokers would have to be natural-born hermits not to know that smoking kills. Bad eating habits now kill more than smoking though. One does not eat by choice, so why have we all, as eaters, been so badly let down?
Where food markets have become a jungle…
Yet the food industry claims to have our health at heart, that it could nourish our newborns better than their mothers. How not to have doubts when food seems to have become too often the output of chemical plants?
With labels such as "full of goodness!", "healthy and yummy!", "better for you!" usually printed on the most unhealthy food items, with marketing budgets so big that they could fund the NHS, the food business plays us for fools. The truth is, we, as clients, feed them. Shouldn't we expect better in return than type-II diabetes or a cancer?
… With no equipment for the journey
We don't preach or teach
A world where we are expected to flip over each food product we consider buying to read and understand cryptic, interminable sections of font-4 print words alongside unfathomable infographics, to assess whether it is right for us,
A world where we are supposed to retrospectively and painstakingly record the nutritional values of the foods we have consumed to assess whether we have complied with our reference intakes,
A world where the extraordinary abundance of nutritional advice we receive would require, if followed, the stomach of a whale and the budget of a state.
With our A.I.- powered food-centric search engine and navigation system, we want to empower our users to see their food for what it really is, and to eradicate the information asymmetry that has long prevailed between the food industry and them.
Large food companies have mastered the art of crafting highly processed products that are simply irresistible. A combination of salt, fat or sugar is carefully designed to leave a lasting, addictive taste on one's palette. Unfortunately for consumers, taste often comes at the cost of regard for health.
Moreover, synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, GMOs, hormone-and-antibiotic-tube-fed livestock, chemically-processed additives and flavouring agents are almost systematically present in the food we eat each day.
Instead, we simply aim to bring our users exceptional digital solutions to the problem of choosing the right food, consistently and conveniently.
We strive to help our users build healthier eating patterns which fully comply with their personal factors, whether they shop instore or online, eat in restaurants or grab food from takeaways.
With digital navigation systems, we orient ourselves effortlessly and reliably. With search engines, we find out information on anything at the speed of light. But with food… it feels like we live in a parallel world,
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