About us

We come from different parts of the world.
Our lifepaths crossed many years ago, under entertaining circumstances and for the best.
Russian Denis and French Erwin met a decade ago while trying hard, to fly between mountain cliffs, literally…and with no plane. The gravity-defying experience proved slightly chilling and very unsuccessful but forged the base for what would become an amazing partnership. Very Icarian still, but metaphorically so, they started the JollyGut journey in 2017.
Franco-British Eric and Erwin met 20 years ago as they got their first job in the same company. Maybe for the sake of validating some revolutionary HR paradigm, that company took the peculiar initiative to have Eric and Erwin share the same one-meter long desk for so long that the reptilian part of their brains should have made one of them a long-time fugitive. Instead, it created behavioural science-defying, steadfast bonds between them.
British Stuart is our CTO. We occasionally refer to him as our Holy Grail though considering the hardship of our quest to find him. Surely, we were impressed by his highly inspiring experience in building and quite successfully exiting a startup he co-founded. Nonetheless it is the emotion with which he talked to us about his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 with its 1 Kb RAM which convinced us that he was "the one".
Keen photographer who seems to find beauty where others see grey clouds in a white-out, or blurred bin bags stuck on fences. Went to the Siberian far north to enjoy the Arctic wilderness with reindeer herders but ended up stuck in a derelict, yet still very polluted mine town. Passionate about mountaineering too, but mostly the indulging, sensation-accelerating part of it.
A living superlative. When most people cook, they simply pick whatever they have in their fridge and let their imagination improvise something. Eric found this approach ineffective and decided to read and memorise all recipes he could come across. For most people, exercising means a one-hour long session at the gym or a 5-mile run. Eric seems to prefer 45-hour long, 100-mile trail running. Eric is extreme.
Born the same year as Erwin, wrote a solver for Countdown's maths puzzle at an age when Erwin was still playing with his Lego. Felt compelled to become a ski instructor when he came to realise that his passion for his online gaming was leading to a rather radical experience of social distancing.
Passionate about mountaineering, mostly the sweaty, resilience-defying part of it. Climbed the Mont-Blanc in one go (from Chamonix to the summit and back in 16 hours) instead of 2 days like normal people because he got wrongly concerned that he could miss his train. A true visionary, he majored in marxist-leninist economy as he felt that one day it would be pretty cool to mention it.
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