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to revolutionise food consumption
A health time
a healthy eating pattern

Stomach-wrecking facts

United kingdom


Surge in diseases related to poor diet:
cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity ...
adults overweight or obese...
... that is
times more than 30 years ago!
Same ominous direction
Prevalence of obese and overweight people:
Adult population
Children and teenagers
times more than 40 years ago!
that is
this bleak trend
Colossal range of processed food on offer
people develop bad habits from a very young age
unstoppable "Nutrimercial" pandemic
Poor nutritional awareness among consumers
Many such food items are taste-flattering but health-threatening over time
Very effective marketing and distribution of addictive foods high in sugar, fat, salt aimed at children and teenagers
Cacophony of marketing slogans that masquerade as health-oriented statements
Confuces and misleads customers

just eating

So easy
Choices mostly based on personal tastes and convenience
so risky
Each bad food choice matters –
it increases the risk to fall into a poor diet trap
bomb ticking
The longer eating a poor diet, the worse the outlook of the health time-bomb: more likely … sooner … more devastating blast…

a healthy eating pattern

a mental computation nightmare for anyone

30+ daily quantitative targets to reach,
one for each key nutrient across many groups
  • Macro
  • Fat acids
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
with several daily limits to comply with
  • Calories
  • Salt
  • Added sugar
  • Saturated Fat
And numerous personal restrictions to factor in as well
  • Allergies & Healthy conditions
  • Life principles & Religion
  • Food provenance & Quality
Difficult access to reliable & complete nutritional data – multiple transparency issues
A nightmare exacerbated further by
Chaotic overload of information about nutrition
dumped on consumers
Overwhelming expansion of food offerings and services
Each of them claiming to be "great for you!"
Food budget constraints

we have a solution!

an A.I.- powered food-centric
search engine and navigation system
to make ideal food choices

100 Nuts

100Nuts is an app
Makes it effortless for the user to build and follow the healthiest eating pattern

100Nuts is a platform
Brings together 100Nuts' app users and food suppliers to support the precise dietary needs of the former, whenever they want to eat or buy food

100Nuts to go live in 2020 Q1
Be the one who chooses
Contact us: info@100nuts.ai